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Tips for Excess Baggage

Tips for Excess Baggage: As Shainex largest Excess baggage company, Excess Baggage has the skills and knowledge to forward your belongings - securely and strongly - to almost anywhere in the world. Our company offers best services for excess baggage - using air freight, sea freight and road freight to delivered in any country. All your excess baggage requirements are handled easily and professionally - from collection and freighting to customs clearance and delivery.

The following services include:

Door to Door Service: Excess Baggage handlers everything for you - from the time we gather your baggage to its arrival at your selected destination. Our prices include customer clearance, terminal fees, and home delivery costs to shipping addresses in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - among others. Where they are appropriate, quarantine clearance or customs examination charges, customs duties and taxes are not included. Our door to door rates apply to a wide selection of destinations worldwide.

Check your luggage / baggage limits:It may look like obvious but often we not remember to make sure the luggage limits when travelling. Make sure that your luggage limits are either the same or if possible more generous on your flight home. When travelling in a foreign land we all pick up a few extra souvenirs, often without even contemplating luggage limits on the way home. Making certain that you are aware of your luggage limits to and from your destination is efficiently the number 1 tip to avoid a heavy bill.

International Excess baggage by sea or air: With Excess Baggage you can decide to send your goods by sea or air, and - in the case of some any destinations - by road. Under some conditions it is more cost-effective to use air freight, even for big quantity. Sea freight and road freight charges are decided by volume (the space taken up by the baggage you are shipping), while air freight rates are based on size or load - whichever is the bigger.

How to Pack your Excess Baggage: You can pack and send your excess baggage using any suitcase, back pack, bag or packing box you like. Just keep in mind your excess baggage has to travel to the other side of the world and suitable packaging will assist us deliver your cargo in perfect order. Be clear in your mind and have plenty of strong cardboard cartons, packing paper, sealing tape and a marker pen, as careful packing prevents breakage and loss of tiny and fragile items. Avoid harm to your goods and create maximum use of your storage space by following these easy packing tips: • Use fresh inflexible corrugated cartons (if using a suitcase or backpack build sure the items inside are securely packed as per under). • Verify the gross load limit on the underside of these boxes and do not go over their limit. • Ship packages independently - do not attach several together. • Wrap every item individually. • If you need more information or support, contact us and a member of the Shainex Baggage team will be only too happy to help you out.