Warehousing Storage Services.

Shainex Packers and Movers provide a qualified, cost effective and personal pallet storage service. We are a family run business, operating over 2,000sqft of warehousing space. With over many years of knowledge in the warehousing and distribution sector, we have forever looked to improvement our operations, and achieving the authorization for Storage and Distribution.
Our business is flexible and we are able to adjust quickly to change. We delight ourselves on working closely with customers, to greatest complete and go over their hope. We are capable to assimilate with our customers operations, gift an individually customized service. At Shainex Packers and Movers, we are frequently looking to include value to our services at the same time as also cutting costs for our customers. If you would like any more information about our operations, please feel free to contact us.

Logistics Services: Shainex Packers Movers provides fully-integrated road, rail and warehousing services all over the India and increasingly into Asia. Our client partnerships and alliances are essential to this growth and our focal point on new technologies adds a further element to the Shainex packers and movers.

Road Transport: Our 24-hour manage centre timetable vehicle movements to meet daily demand – working closely with our clients and their clients in turn.Transport Management Systems (TMS) manage driver and vehicle operations with significantly profit for Shainex Packers Movers, our clients and the surroundings.

Bonded Warehousing: Shainex Packers Movers is one of the largest third-party operators of bonded warehousing in the India, able of providing up to2,000 square feet of modern, bonded warehousing, backed up by speculation in approved IT systems.Mass stow and racked solutions are accessible, jointly with added value services at every site.

Supply Chain Outsourcing: Our interior ability is in implementing efficient supply chain solution, to meet the needs of our consumers. We can offer a standard service or a completely modified application for larger or extra complex necessities.
We also utilize in-house supply chain combination tools to increase links with consumer systems enable collaboration within the supply chain. This affords considerable benefits to consumers in terms of lower warehousing, handling and transport costs.
A number of our clients have located their complete supply chain operation in our hands. Our expert provides an excellent service, faster sequence times and leaner costs so clients are free to concentrate on their core company activities.

Tips For Warehousing Services


Shainex is a Warehouse Storage Services Provider in India. Our many years of working experience in warehouse storage services allow us to give you the top class warehouse storage in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune and in many other cities and in pan India. We have sufficient of space & capacity for warehousing storage to fulfill your requirements. We ensure you a fast, cost effective, and accurate third party warehouse storage services.

Warehousing services Tips:

Choosing a Warehouse Location: Deciding on the best location will often need looking into a selection of factors. These will include the infrastructure of the building and the region, the cost of labor, where the most important client locations are or areas open to increase and whether the group of people is one that would welcome a warehouse in their area by taking the time to judge every of these solution factors, a business can then choose on not only the location of the next distribution warehouse, although the order of development for the next several warehouses to support in business development.
Building and Area Infrastructure

There are a number of factors to think about when looking at a substantial location for a local distribution warehouse. Whereas cost may drive initial locality choices, within that structure a number of considerations require to be included. These may be

  • Layout and flow of building.
  • The capacity of the building.
  • Production services including handling equipment.
  • Accessibility including off ramps from freeways, trailer cargo space and avenue turning lanes.

How to Maximize Your Warehouse Space:  Adding to that pressure is the present closing down of many distribution centers and the consolidation of warehouse space for national distributions centers. Here are a many tips on ways to create the for the most part of your warehouse space and stretch those distribution center budgets.

When evaluating the warehouse space, the four areas to consider are:

  • The Product cargo space areas.
  • Your inbound operations area, with receiving and returns areas included.
  • Your outbound operations areas, including picking and staging stations.
  • Any value-added process and how they are organized.

A small industry Safety Tips: The need for a small industry every day checklist in any warehouse is a given, until now it is often missing. There are a few essentials when it comes to a small industry safety that just about any warehouse should be capable to implement. Looking at present a small industry disaster statistics, any warehouse that takes advantage of the small industry safety knowledge at present available can generate a program to make their warehouse a safer surroundings
for all employees. A easy thing like bringing in a certified a small industry trainer for a safety class can make a big difference in the a small industry safety record of any of good reputation warehouse.

How to Pick Out Right Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

This is no rocket science, so there is no reason for you to consider too much into it. Follow simple rules, and you will land where you want. There are many wonderful qualified moving and packing outfits out there in the Bangalore providing best and reliable services. You want to locate them, approach them and strike a deal with them. That would suffice everything and make sure you are on track with your shifting method.

Professional Moving and Packing Companies or Companies Moving Internationally ought to have complete thousands of packing and moving assignments. Their knowledge invariably adds stars to their pedigree. With a strong pedigree, you can relax and be assured that all your items will be moved around simply without any noise. Also, experience asserts a strong case of professionalism. Specialized Moving Companies with loads of skill make the whole ordeal seem like a couch moving experience.

In the Bangalore, companies are very professional. One must establish communication with all those making free moving and packing quotation. The more free packing and moving quotation one comes diagonally, the easier is it to find out the most sensible solution. You want to talk to multiple Professional Moving Packing Companies making free moving and packing quotation. The more options you come across, the better it would be for you to judge which suits you best. When you have a platter of options in front of you, you are always in a position to call the shots and make the best possible option.

Search whether necessary assets are available with the service supplier. This is very significant categorically in the case of companies moving internationally. The vehicles, carriers, cargos, people etc. and all other equipment involved in packing and shifting must to be there with the company. Based on this available communications, you can take the call. When you talk to skilled moving companies, the more convincing they sound the better your decision will be.

Ask suggestions concerning the mode of transport necessary for commuting. Examine the strength and benefits in the suggestions. Given the distance, you will be able to see whether air travel or road journey would get the job finished more comfortably. The good judgment of the company can be gauged by the suggestion coming in from the other side..

Expert moving companies making free moving and packing quotation all the time carry a excellent word in society. Ask as various people around you as possible. You will see the names of service providers being thrown around. The most heard name becomes an regular choice, for that is human nature

These are certain ways to decide a packing and moving company. You will absolutely come across one, talk and seal a deal. Considering the following aspects mentioned above ascertains several things. First, you are on the correct track and you run into various service providers. Second, you get to know the variety available out there. Three, odds of making the incorrect choice are very less.

How to hire a best Packers and Movers?

The ultimate happiness of moving and packing to a new home is always excellent; but, the job of settling down there with total relieve might be bulky if not correctly planned. The ordeal of packing and moving every small thing securely to the latest home is quite not easy to accomplish. However, there is always a explanation to win the circumstances. If you are one among this worrying lot, here is the news that will mark an finish to your packing blues!

Hiring a Packer & Mover:

At the present time many companies are concerned in providing packers and movers services– packing, transportation, loading, unloading, unpacking. No affair whether it is a commercial or residential relocation; these expert will execute it with perfection for you. But, not all of them are expert packers and movers. You will have to review various factors before selecting the best packers and movers of your city.

Choosing Reliable Packer & Mover:


  • Choose for an knowledgeable packing and moving company for goods packers and movers services. It is always better to select a licensed and registered packing and moving company.
  • Check consumer’s references to make sure hiring only trustworthy packers and movers.
  • Your judgment making should also consist of the price, packers and movers service and character factors. Out of all the available options, make the best option that will suit your requirements.
  • If you have strategy to appoint packers and movers for warehousing services, then it is recommended that you confirm out if you have sufficient space to accommodate your cargo.
  • A number of movers and packers company in India also offer further services to popularize their services like packers and movers services, transportation, courier services, insurance services, local shifting, international shifting, cargo services, household shifting, etc. You can also judge this criterion as a major factor for your judgment making.
  • Appoint a movers and packers company that offers door to door moving and packing services with utmost care and ensures safe and secure delivery of your expensive households and manufacturing goods in time.
  • If you want to transport your vehicle (car or bike or scooter) then you must verify it with the company, whether they supply vehicle transportation services or not. If yes then you people must catch the responsibility from the company stating that the vehicle will be delivered in secure and sound condition.
  • Be sure to carefully read and recognize the insurance accountability policy of your carrier. Each company will give different type of insurance policies. Confirm if the policies are adequate to cover all the goods. The better method is to provide them in writing as a proof for the future.
  • Once, the packer and mover of your selection pass from side to side all the above parameters effectively, and then you can feel secure that you are choosing the best mover and packers to provide to your needs. Get in progress at this time!

Tips for Car Transportation

Shainex provides the top guidance for car transportation. The following topics will help you better be aware of this process.

But if you have a option of whether to Transport your car, then you have to consider up the pros and cons of moving against selling your car. If your car price is relatively low compared with the cost of moving it, then it makes sense to sell it and buy another later. Remember too that moving your car to another state or country will involve changing your driving license, possibly the plates, registration and insurance of your car. Sometimes buying a vehicle in the place you’re moving to is far easier and can be cheaper. And then there are the emission and protection standards to think about, which can vary from state to state.

Keep your pets protected in a spacious crate or carrier. There is a range of line mesh, solid plastic and soft-sided carriers available. What so ever you choose, make sure it’s large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and rotate around in. It is smart to get your pet used to the carrier in the no difficulty of your home before your trip.

At the present, before the company drives off with your vehicle they need to perform a full inspection and offer you with a report that you’ll sign, too. Make sure you carefully examine your car and that the report accurately describes its current condition, including windows, internal dash, seat condition, etc… – this is how your car should arrive; however, if some damage should crop up, the inspection is the record that the insurance company will refer to. This report will also record the mileage, gas gauge and dates for pickup and delivery.

Most companies will provide you just an approximation of when they can choose up your vehicle and when it will be delivered – generally a three to five day window and most will store your vehicle for you if the pick-up dates or delivery dates do not work for you.

When the vehicle is delivered to you after the move, examine it suspiciously before signing. This is the time to note any dent or missing items. Take your time so you can cover every inch, both inside and out. Refer to the primary inspection sheet. Again, this is how the insurance company will decide what is covered.

Before you sign the contract, ask about the insurance the company offers. Your vehicle should be covered against any damage or robbery that may happen during transport. Find out what kind of deductible is in place and if the coverage the transport company provides the firstly coverage or secondary. If it’s secondary, your insurance company picks up the tab first, so find out from your company what kind of coverage is offered for this kind of auto service.

Tips for Packing and Moving

Shainex offers the best tips for Packing and moving and provides the top services for packing and moving to their clients.Life is packed with many hard-hitting challenges. One of the most difficult transitions in life is moving to a new home. Moving can be a very physical task to complete and can also be a mentally difficult event to overcome. As well finding a professional moving company to do the moving for you, packing all your personal belongings can the most time consuming and physically exhausting thing to do. Here are some excellent packing tips for you from Acclaimed Movers.

Make a safe Box for Moving: inspection a show where somebody pick up a box and all the stuff falls out from the underside may be comic on TV, but when that happen to you, it can be the most frustrating and stressful feeling ever. To make a secure box, you must properly fold the bottom flaps and tape the seam shut with three lines of tape going across the box. After you tape the bottom joint, roll another piece of tape that goes around the edges of the box for extra durability. Stuffing the box with newspaper or other stationary material will also make the box extra sturdy. Packing a moving box like this will make sure the box won’t rip from the underside.

Pack Boxes by category: To build your life easier when delivery your boxes, you should pack each box by categories. In case, you should have a separate box for toilet supplies and another one for kitchen supplies. You don’t want to add silverware where your toothbrush is, this will only puzzle you. You must also try your best to fill each box to the top to prevent it from collapsing. After you end packing each box by its category, make sure to label the category on the box so that you can remember which box is which. You should also label each box with an arrow to indicate which side is up. You can also put different notes on the box to make things easier, such as “fragile” if the contents of the box are easily broken.

Packing Drawers: The packing and moving procedure can be a very lengthy one depending on how many bedrooms you need to pack. This is why this tip is a excellent one to save you some time. If you have stuff in drawers, instead of packing them in boxes, use the drawer as a box itself. Just make sure there is not anything delicate in the drawer and that it is filled up to the top. Then you can seal the drawer with some tape and put with all your other boxes. Very easy and fast.

Packing in Wardrobe Boxes: Use wardrobe boxes for your clothes can also accumulate you a lot of time. A wardrobe box is basically a lengthy box with a rack inside where you can hang your clothes with the hangers. This way you can simply just take your clothes out from your closet and hang it in the wardrobe box. It will be the same easy process when you get to your new home. You will just unhand the clothes from the wardrobe box and hang it in your new secret.

Safe Packing and Moving: When you are packing and moving your own belongings into boxes, keep in mind two main things; pack little items in large boxes and large items in little boxes. The cause for this is because, if you object a big box with many heavy items, it will be to heavy to carry. So we the well-groomed way to pack is to put the heavy items in a tiny box so that you are still able of carrying it. If you put a lot of little items in a big box, likelihood are that the box will still be light sufficient for you to carry without throwing your back. This is very main for your personal physical health.

Picking the Best Packers and Movers in Delhi

Shainex is a best packing and moving company in Delhi.  Which offers best packing  and moving services in Delhi. We provide you best affordable & trustworthy packing and moving companies who provide you services for shifting of different kinds of goods such as residential belongings (household goods), commercial commodities, office furniture, office important documents & paper, corporate belongings, and industrial goods.

Shainex Relocation end your job for picking the best packers and movers in delhi. Shainex Packers and Movers is an emerging packer and movers in India.  We value your trust by sharing our determination in understanding and simplifying each customer’s need by your solutions bestowed with effective delivery in terms of quality and best packers and movers services. Create the new experience in packing and moving services everyday with Reliability, Integrity and Punctuality. To be the most preferred moving and packing company in the country with best in class people and services.

We offer full comprehensive office relocation services to small or mid-level companies. Customer’s satisfaction is the first priority for Best packers and movers in Delhi and that make us best on it. Best packers and movers in Delhi provide the reliable moving services from one place to another place as we are expert in Packers and Movers. We relocate your goods in affordable price and less time and provide different type of packing and moving  service like Domestic Relocation, Corporate Relocation, House hold Relocation.

Packers and movers services are provided by us within Delhi and India by road way. Whether it is heavy machinery or any kind of furniture we can move your each and every corporate article. We use closed trailer and containers for domestic packers and movers service. We also provide Car Transportation with safe and sound transportation of cars on scheduled time without any Hassel.

We use the best in class packing materials to protect your goods from any external damage like moisture or dust. Our packing and moving experts have developed various ingenious solutions for all the problems that may be encountered. Further, we have with us hanging boxes for clothes and different boxes that are perfect for your fragile items. As House hold Relocation services includes many packing material and safe moving, we use  thermocol  sheet, bubble wrap, stretch wrapping, sealing tape for packing and moving can easily done by safe container, trucks, trailers etc.

Best Packers and movers in Delhi has a new Synergized identity and now emerged as a division of CNI Logistics We value your trust by sharing our determination in understanding and simplifying each customer’s need by your solutions bestowed with effective delivery in terms of quality and services.

Our facilities are equipped with fire detection, prevention and fighting equipments with a maximum storage space. 24 Hours security and adequate pest control measures ensure the safety and security of valuable items. Your goods and materials, entrust high value items in our care.

Best Packers and Movers in Delhi makes your House shifting simple and easy. Happy Moving!

Affordable Packers and Movers in Delhi

Shainex Relocation is called an Affordable Packers and Movers company in Delhi.  We provide  best services for packing and moving . We offer a wide range of affordable Packers and Movers services to our customer such as, shifting of household items, office shifting, commercial shifting, insurance services, furniture shifting, custom clearance with documentation, car transportation and other related services with shifting.

We at Packers and Movers in Delhi have experts who does all the packing and moving of goods to the new destination. The experts do packing providing the best and durable packing material for safe and secure relocation of valuable goods of the customer.

Moving from one place to another has become a common activity these days. But people on their own can’t handle this task smoothly as they don’t have much knowledge. People need a professional & perfect packers and movers otherwise it may not get complete perfectly. For perfect help workers people must consult with the moving and packing companies. There are numbers packing and moving companies are available in market who caters their customers to fulfill all requirements of packing and moving from one place to other places. These packing and moving companies handle the task of relocation in a professional manner so that they do not face any hurdles. The professional and affordable packers and movers relocation in easier and simpler way.

Affordable Packers and Movers in Delhi based company (Shainex Relocation )  handle far distance moves so that people can take their help from anywhere. We provide our  services expertly. Packers and Movers in Delhi companies are of immense support to the modern society with their professional Packers and Movers services. To move with their belonging with in state, country as well as internationally is very cumbersome and intricate job. Only Packers and Movers in Delhi experts or professional moving packing executive from Delhi can tackle this job.

We are known for providing cost effective Packers and Movers services. We charge very genuinely for the service we provide. We have crew of trained staffs to safely handle the task of relocation. Our expert staffs good quality packing material to pack clients’ belonging safely and securely. The staffs of our company are efficient enough to make your relocation safe, smooth and easy. We have specially designed vehicle to transport valuable items safely from one place to another.

Our transportation vehicles are especially designed for safe & damage-free transit of goods. We provide packing & moving service at very reasonable price which is hardly to beat by any other packers and movers in Delhi or Delhi NCR. So for any kinds of Packers and Movers needs in Delhi, give us an opportunity to handle your Packers and Movers tasks.  We assure to deliver our best of services to make your move easy and smooth with our quality packing & moving service.

Earth being the global village, people are moving here and there (moving globally) for better education, jobs, services/ career. To move with their belonging with in state, country as well as internationally is very cumbersome and intricate job. Only Packers and Movers in Delhi experts or professional moving packing executive from Delhi can tackle this job.

Top International Packers and Movers in Delhi

Shainex is an International Packers and Movers or you can say an International Packers Movers company in Delhi India. We provide a wide range of international packing and moving services to  make your move easier and smoother. We assist you during the shifting such as international residential shifting, international commercial relocation, international business or corporate relocation.  Shainex provides best International Packers and Movers services to their customers with great satisfaction to their clients.

We are one of top International Packers and Movers based in Delhi India and offer door to door international move services. We feel pride to provide full international packing and moving which includes packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking, unpacking and rearranging of household and commercial goods. We give International Packing and Moving as per customer needs or a customize our services according to your needs and affordable budget. We have expert and qualified works and staffs to handle the packing and moving assignment in most comfortable way.  We take care of goods during entire process of shifting. We promise for safe & damage-free shifting and transportation of items to the new place and door step. We also provide services like car transportation services, logistical & freight forwarding services, air cargo services, insurance coverage services, warehousing & storage services, etc. If you need a professional international packers and movers? call us any time to make your international movement  very easy and smooth.

Our prices are very competitive and you will be surprised to avail top level facilities and services at such prices. We charge very genuinely. We also provide personalized and customized services and very genuinely for each services and facilities we provide.

We believe in timely and undamaged delivery of consignments to you. We always complete our work on time.  If you want to relocate, please contact us and give us an opportunity to serve you. We assure you to make your relocation smooth, safe and easy.

You can call us and take advise anytime through our helpline numbers city wise which is available 24 hours. We surely reduce your all problems and make you tension free on a call. As per our discussion schedule our staff each at your premises very fast to assist you in a good manner and make your relocation easier and relaxed. Call Now :-  +919311444578 or post your query at info@shainex.com

Are you searching for a Packers and Movers India?

If you are looking for a  packers and movers in your city in India, Shainex have been a top brand as  a good Packers and Movers  in India. We provide the best Packers and Movers services in India to our customers with affordable prices and provide the best satisfaction to our customers.

There are many professional packers and movers in India. Such companies can resolve your shifting or relocation tension in zero time with much easier and smoother way. We can make your domestic things shifting in an easy and simple whether you are moving within India or moving from this city to somewhere else. We will help you everywhere from shifting to unpacking and rearranging of domestic items in your new premises. Our team will pack entire your baggage perfectly using good quality packing and moving tools and materials and then shift them to your new location on time without any damages. We also cover the losses if your belongings get damaged or lost unfortunately during shifting. Hence, hiring a good packers and movers in India is a challenging decision as first step making relocation easy and smooth.

As a professional movers and packers in India based company we are providing door to door packing & moving solution. We offer a variety of helpful packing and moving services which help to make the shifting very easy and smooth. We are providing services; like packing service, loading service, transportation service, unloading and unpacking service, rearranging service, and insurance coverage services. If you want to make your shifting completely hassle-free and comfortable then it would good to hire Shainex, Packing and Moving Company in India. If you have limited budget for your shifting and relocation, choosing us you can customize the services as per your requirements, preferences and budgets.

Whether you are moving in local cities within Delhi or moving from this city to other city, you will need to pack your whole household items perfectly so as you can shift them to your new place safely and perfectly. Packing in good condition is very necessary because it reduces the chances of damages of goods during shifting and transition. It is not an easy task to packing and moving.  But you can make your shifting task very much easier and smoother by giving us an opportunity for  packing solution from a right moving and packing company in India.

Whereas in customize relocation and shifting, you packers and movers as per to the budgets and needs. This is the economical option of shipping goods. People can do some comfortable task by self like collecting household items, making list, packing and rearranging their possessions at new places by self and hire moving company for rest of the job like loading and unloading and shipping of belongings to the desired destination. This is an affordable as well as the safe choice of goods transportation and shifting or relocation. Just you have   to invest their valuable time and effort to make it successful.