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When you plan to move your goods from one destination to another you need to pack everything from the smallest piece to the heaviest one of your belonging. One needs to be very careful and attentive while performing this task. You need to be extra cautious while handling glass material and extra careful while handling your Hi-fi sensitive goods. After all you cannot afford to loose any of the goods. So, isn't it better that you employ such a professional relocation service provider which can handle al your shifting worries and in return only ask for a reasonable cost. Well, one such option is Packers and Movers Pilani (Shainex Relocation Services), one of the best shifting company which has earned its good name in the industry through hard work and honesty.

Customers love going back to them whenever they have any requirement of relocation. As per customer testimonies, this company has excellent staff members, perfect packing techniques reliable infrastructure and an enthusiasm to complete the assignment handed over to them with great precision. The company has special teams looking after different aspects of shifting. One team takes care of packing, while the other looks after loading and unloading, while a third one handles the transportation and rearrangement of the goods safely. One legal department also exists in the company which looks after insurance policies and their proper implementation.

Planning team take the responsibility of charting out a perfect solution for your shifting needs and successful completion of the work. Household, domestic, corporate, industrial, the company deals in all kinds of shifting options and has a record of performing the task very well. In addition, our corporate offices in different cities have been given the instructions of giving priority to the customers' instructions and needs while moving their goods from one destination to another. These policies and style of working has enabled us to write a great success story for our company not only in different cities but in the entire country.