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Que - How much does it cost to move?

Ans - The price will depend on a quantity of things, for example how many bedrooms does your property have, where are you moving from and to etc. Contact Shainex Relocation and our friendly and helpful team will be more than willing to talk you through the process and help with the cost. Tel: +91-9311444578

Que - How does Shainex Relocation calculate the removal fee?

Ans - We take care of each quote individually and base the value on the particular requirements for that consumer. This is dependent upon what size of vehicle you need, what size of team you need to carry out the move, where you are moving to and if there are any specific requirements. (i.e. sofa needing taken out of window..etc)

Que - How can I pay?

Ans - We allow cash or cheque with cheque guarantee card on delivery. You can also pay by credit or debit card.

Que - Will my belongings be placed where I would like them to be placed?

Ans - Yes! Why not, this is one of the many qualities Shainex Relocation takes pride in. Each and every one of your items and goods will be placed specifically where you would like them to be placed, problem free. Our Movers and Packers will do everything compulsory to make sure your entire house move is made on best moving situation.

Que - Will you advise us on the easiest way of undertaking the whole project?

Ans - Yes, we are delighted to assist. With over various years of knowledge there are not too several troubles we have not met and overcome before. What's more, we will offer a free quotation tailored to your requirements and budget. For example, Shainex Relocation can pack the whole thing, only breakables or nothing (providing you with boxes to pack yourself), it's your preference. We can also inform on ‘specialist packing' like as antiques, pictures or items of sentimental assessment.

Que - How much notice must I give to book a date for packing or moving?

Ans - We suggest that you give a minimum of 5 Days notice, although if this is not possible we will attempt to meet your requirements, or give us a call and verify our house movers availability.

Que - How do I arrange for an estimate for my forthcoming removal?

Ans - Please call Shainex Relocation for your move originating in the India between 08:00am and 09:00pm India time and we will be happy to help.

Que - Are your men properly trained to pack and move my possessions?

Ans - Of course, Shainex Relocation offers a regular training program.

Que - Do you provide Packing Materials?

Ans - Of course, we can deliver a full range of Packing and Moving Materials.

Que - Do you provide Storage?

Ans - No, Shainex Relocation do not have the facilities of storage but we can arrange storage service through our storage partners company.