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Shainex relocation services is able to offer very reliable packing and moving services owing to the fact we follow the right procedure of loading and unloading of goods that makes the entire procedure go on very smoothly. We have equipped the professional team of ours with just the right equipments that enables them to make the process go on very smoothly. The team is fully geared with just the right it the cranes, pulleys, levers, screws or any other machinery. Being equipped with the right equipments that is needed at the right time ensures that the loading and unloading process goes on very efficiently and in an unhindered manner.

Our clientele that we have dealt with swear by our professional approach to the entire moving experience. The fact that we are able to handle corporate or domestic relocations even if it is in India or abroad; with a lot of ease therefore our clientele expresses their satisfaction and they swear by the integrity and the professional approach that Shainex has to offer. In fact some of the satisfied NRI clients who have dealt with our company believe that it is highly surprising to get this kind of professional approach in the packing and moving services sector, the staff is courteous and Shainex just does not have the people that are capable of picking up weight only; rather the people that have been employed by this company are such professionals that they give a lot of importance to customer service and they are very well knowledgeable in their fields of operations. Be it any local move in India or be it any other household move abroad, there is a sense of ease and professional knowhow and comfort with which we are able to operate at different levels of operations. There is sense of comfort and reliability that our company offer to the clients who are as is overwhelmed at the time of relocation as they have a lot of things to handle at that time.

We are aware as to how all the goods are to be handled at the time of relocation, and also utilize the best placement strategies to ensure that goods are placed in the best possible manner, so that there is least amount of damage to the goods. We believe that if only the goods are loaded appropriately in the carrier vehicles then only the unloading process can go on very smoothly. Which would further imply that unpacking regime is handled well too. While doing the loading, goods are segregated in terms of weight and also in terms of handling required. Therefore all delicate goods are put into one compartment and all other regular cartons are kept aside. This kind of strategy eases out the burden at the time of unloading of goods so that the delicate items can also be taken out of the trucks quickly without any damage to their integrity. By segregating the bags in accordance to their weight it would also ensure that all the goods that need cranes or other machines for unloading can be provides to them adequately. This kind of systematic and professional approach of our company has enabled Shainex to be deemed as one of the 'best' packing and moving companies that ensures the safe and fast delivery of all items.

Loading Unloading